For Everyone

Counseling is one of the least understood roles of the the parish priest and it is often the most critical. Everyone can benefit from counseling.

What Counseling IS NOT:

  • a time for Fr. Lance to convert you from one belief to another
  • an opportunity for one person to get back at another
  • a place where people get “fixed”
  • something couples do to satisfy a personal or family requirement

What Counseling IS:

  • a time to reflect on feelings
  • an opportunity to explore feelings in a safe place
  • a chance to seek a partner in personal growth
  • an opportunity for a professional to guide the conversation to ideas and resolution
  • a safe place to gain insight into feelings, thoughts and ideas

You Are Invited

No matter who you are, you are invited to reach out to Father Lance and express your desire for counseling. Whether for one session of a planned ongoing pastoral care plan, Father Lance is here to assist you in exploring who you are and where you want to be in life. The initial counseling session is always at no cost. Future sessions are handled on a sliding scale according to your ability to pay.

Call Fr. Lance at (704) 898-1156 or text to set a date and time to speak.