What is Fr. Lance’s ministry?

What I am believe I am called to do by the Spirit is to serve as a teacher and guide to assist my fellow woman and man in accomplishing the following:

  • Discovering our authentic self as the creator has intended
  • Revealing the hope that each of us has within us
  • Reinforcing our belief that we are Loved by others
  • Challenging any notion that we are not perfect in God’s eyes
  • Developing a spiritual practice that improves all facets of life
  • Assisting other in growing habits of forgiveness, Grace, compassion
  • Opening our eyes to our access to the power of God at our every thought
  • Bringing couples to a deeper place of love and understanding, and
  • Celebrating life in every way, every day, to our greatest ability

If anything I have written above leads to you want more of it for yourself, then reach out to me. Serving you is what serves my heart. Serving you is what fulfills my purpose. Let’s talk.