(very  nice if background music is played during this portion of the ceremony)

Lance: A part of the Christian heritage is the taking of the bread and wine, as Christ did at the last supper, a coming to the table of God and sharing the very spiritually significant experience of communion. Groom and Bride have chosen to take their very first communion as husband and wife in your presence to acknowledge the place that their spiritual heritage will continue to have in their new life together.

As the Bible tells us, Christ gathered his disciples the evening before his taking to the cross and shared a meal. This meal was different than the others before it in that Christ asked that they make special note of the occasion. Christ knowing of his fate wanted to ensure that each disciple understood that his presence was not fleeting, that Christ was to remain with them always in their hearts, souls, and minds. So that they would not forget the unity of spirit, he asked that they take the bread and wine together in a Spirit of One.

Lance hold up bread and says: Christ said “Even as you eat this bread do so remembering me.”  And they ate of the bread.

Lance hold out bread for Groom and Bride

Groom places the bread on the tongue of Bride , she pauses, chews and swallows,

Bride places the bread on the tongue of Groom , he pauses, chews and swallows,

Lance hold up wine and says: Christ said something like “Even as you drink this wine, do so remembering me.” And they all took of the cup.

Lance hold out wine for Groom and Bride

Groom holds the cup for Bride to drink, she pauses, and swallows,

Bride holds the cup for Groom to drink, he pauses, swallows, and

Lance: The taking of a meal together, especially when remembering the life and sacrifice of Christ, ensures that we do not forget that we are all one body, one blood, and one spirit, and that the breaking of bread and sharing of a cup is more than nourishment or the quenching of thirst, but the sharing of ourselves.


One line of singing or 1-2 minutes of appropriate music immediately following communion.