Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what Lance’s couples say:

Lance, Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding ceremony Saturday at River Farm
(George Washington’s other farm on GW Parkway in Northern VA).

Everything was perfect. You have a way about you that made both Jim and me feel at ease. And thank you for using your own words for the ceremony. Our script was rather long and I’m glad we said you didn’t need to follow it. You spoke to us from the heart and it touched our hearts, bringing us even closer.

And, Wow! The pictures are great! So many! They are all terrific! I’ll print them and put in an album soon. Quite a few ‘favorites’ have already gone out to family and friends — which was so important to us, since the ceremony was only for Jim and me. But with the pictures, we are still able to share our day with them.

Anyway, thank you again for making our wedding day truly special. We’ll never forget it – or you!

Kathy and Jim

Lance was so incredible!

Our guests are STILL raving about his kind words, his mannerisms, etc. Lance personalized every little touch and definitely eased our nerves, including while we were standing up there during the ceremony.

He was responsive to all our questions, helped us personalize the ceremony, and truly just carried everything out perfectly!

I am so glad we ended up going with Lance, and the wedding would not have been the same without him!

Candace and Ste

Hi Lance, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for an amazing ceremony you provided for us a few weeks ago.

I was so incredibly nervous, and you made things so much easier, and memorable.

You are so amazing at what you do, and thank you so much again for sharing in our special day!

Thank you!

Brittni and Clifford

Lance, Kevin and I would like to thank you for helping to make our day extra special.

Your service was exactly the perfect mix of humor and seriousness that perfectly reflected our relationship.

You helped to make everything flow so easily and maintain the carefree style we were looking for in our wedding.


 Jessica and Kevin M

Lance is one of the very best. He’s not only a nice guy, he’s great at officiating weddings.

I’ve been photographing weddings for more than 16 years, so I’ve seen allot….. I HIGHLY recommend Lance.

Reliable, friendly and memorable. I look forward to working with Lance again.

Received this endorsement on Jones Photography website

Lance, I can’t even begin to thank-you for what you have done for Jay and I. The ceremony was absolutely perfect for us and it wouldn’t have been that way without you. Jay, my sister, my brother, and I all felt like we had known you forever and that made it especially perfect.

Your sense of humor met with ours and we all had a great time. Your ideas for pictures during and afterwards just blew me away and everyone that has seen them have nothing but great things to say. Especially the pictures you took, they came out wonderfully and those are the ones I will be framing for our walls.

I could talk forever about how great the day was, how beautiful the FDR memorial was, and how much I will remember it as the best day of my life. I honestly believe that nobody else could have done what you have done for me and you have my gratitude for that.

If anyone were to ask me who I recommend to officiate, I would tell them all about you. And just think, in 5 years when we renew our vows in Key West, you’re going to get a phone call from me asking you if you are free! The next time Jay and I come down, we would definitely like to take you to dinner to thank-you again.

I just can’t say thank-you enough. I hope you enjoyed the day as well, even though it was as hot as the surface of the sun!!!

Thank-you again, 

Rebecca and Jay W.

I want to thank you again for everything. You are the reason my wedding was so perfect! The place was perfect, the harpist was perfect.

I feel so lucky to have found you.

If you need anything else from me as far as testimonials go, I’d be happy to contribute.

Best of luck to you in the future and THANK YOU!

Diana and Doug M.

Dear Lance, We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you conducted for us.

We can’t tell you how many compliments we received from our guests about you.

You made the entire ceremony process fun and easy from beginning to end. We will definitely be recommending you to anyone we know who needs an officiant in the future.

Thanks for making the moments we will remember for the rest of our lives so touching & special.

All our best

Allison and Steve

Hi Lance, We just want to let you know that you were wonderful!

When you followed the first officiant [dual ceremony] you came in and said all the things that are important to us.

It was fantastic and even though I don’t remember many details of the night (hopefully the DVD will help me remember),

I do remember your part of the ceremony being exactly what I’d always dreamed of and to have that come to life on our wedding day is priceless.

Thank you so much!!

Nazie and Geng P.

Thank you for making our wedding ceremony such a success. The ceremony and vows were perfectly written and made our day exactly what we had envisioned.

You have an amazing voice that allows everyone at an outdoor wedding to hear the readings.

You promised us the ceremony would flow smoothly and that is just what you delivered. Thank you for your time and expertise. It was wonderful to work with you.

Kristin and Rob A.

Lance, You truly made out wedding a perfect affair! We were so thrilled that you made the ceremony fit our personalities… that is not too religious (Jewish and Christian) but with reflections of God and the “higher power” added in just the right spots, fun and spontaneous with laughter and witty comments, yet romantic and sentimental with the right phrases to mark the occasion.

We were so glad that everyone was able to laugh at the little things that went wrong (one of the flower girls cried going down the aisle) and not dwell on the fact that it wasn’t flawless… in fact the “little flaws” made our ceremony and special day “PERFECT!”

We have received so many wonderful comments on the ceremony and you! Everyone said that you made it the perfect setting for the two of us, and that they were glad it was not “too serious” as to miss out on our unique personalities. You made it unforgettable and fun at the same time. The video had us all laughing hysterically, yet also reminiscing on the “perfect day!”

Thank you so much for everything!

Larry and Wende B.

We just wanted to thank you so much for officiating our ceremony.

All of our guests really enjoyed how touching, yet informal it was. Everything went so smoothly and we could not have pictured it being any more wonderful (even with Todd saying “soy” instead of joy!).

We will remember our wedding for the rest of our lives, so we are glad we had someone like you (relaxed, funny/serious, etc.) to do it for us.

We also received the official copies in the mail Friday, so we wanted to say thank you for that too. Keep up the good work, and we hope all is well!!

Best Wishes,

Leslie and Todd S.

Even though we met once before the wedding, the ceremony (although very humid) was fantastic!

Our own siblings thought you had known us for a long time – just goes to show how confidant you are in your speaking abilities.

I have no reservations recommending Lance’s services to anyone – we were not disappointed in the least! 

Thank you again for a great ceremony!

Monica and Ace M.

Thank you so much Lance, you were wonderful.

I loved the ceremony and how you incorporated the sand for us and how calm and collected you were, it made us feel the same way.

My parents and ourselves were very pleased and I would recommend you to anyone in the future.

Thanks again Lance and have a wonderful rest of your week!

Kiah and Brandon F.
Oak Island, NC

Thank you for the beautiful, fun and yes, relaxing ceremony on the 3rd of July in Arlington, VA.

This may not be the first time that you’re hearing this, but your confident calmness was exactly what we needed after being 1/2 hour late to our own wedding!

During the ceremony, you were concise, without rushing and we really enjoyed your soothing voice a mid an exhilarating and hectic day.

We didn’t get a chance to thank you right after the ceremony and right after the wedding day we were at the beach, so sorry that we didn’t give you instant feedback.

Well our feedback is that you were great and we are extremely glad that we chose you to conduct our ceremony. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who will need an officiant!

Thank you,

Natasha and Eugene

I want to thank you so much for your officiating services at our May 19 2007 wedding at Belmont.

You were exactly what we wanted – professional and personable. We’ve gotten several compliments about the ceremony, both for you and the wording (courtesy of your website!).

Drew and I appreciate your ability to put us at ease. I was particularly nervous, but you helped alleviate that. Thanks again for everything )including taking care of the license!)

You will be highly recommended!

Kati & Drew

Chris and I wanted to thank you for helping us to create a beautiful and memorable wedding ceremony!

I received so many compliments on choosing such a charismatic and personable officiant so I wanted to pass the compliments along to you!

Thank you, again, for  everything!


Ellen and Chris K.

The service was absolutely beautiful and it was all because of you.

You really made it easier up there for us to get through the vows when we were both in tears.

You made us laugh and spoke to us to help us along. That was probably the scariest part because I thought I would mess up or start crying.

I would definitely recommend your services to other couples.

Thank you very much for a beautiful wedding!

Kerri and Greg M.

We strongly recommend Lance.

He was very helpful in designing our ceremony, and performed the casual and friendly ceremony that we wanted.

The day of the event he helped keep things moving smoothly and provided a valuable channel of communication and calm that went above and beyond his duties as the officiant.

Kelley really appreciated his ability to calm her nerves as the weather interfered with our outdoor wedding and we scrambled to get things moved indoors.

Your friendly and personable attitude is what made us choose you. When we met, you provided a lot of great suggestions that we would not have thought about, for both the ceremony and the marriage licensing process.

We don’t have any suggestions for improvement, we saw nothing but excellence during our interactions.

Kelley and Jason W.


You did a wonderful job, were very easy to work with and you really went the extra mile.

I didn’t have the ceremony music in line and there was miscommunication with the DJ, and you handled that for us–thanks so much!

I will definitely recommend you to all of my unmarried friends when their time comes.

All of my guests made comments on the ceremony, saying that it was wonderful and it was too bad I didn’t have a videographer. They said they really thought you did a great job and your words were beautiful.

You were great in all aspects as far as my new husband and I are concerned and I don’t know what you could do to improve. I am very happy and couldn’t have asked for anything more on your part.

Thank you so much!

Ivy and Mark F.

Hi Lance!

Just wanted to say thank you sooo much for the beautiful ceremony! We had so much fun and all of our friends and family complimented on how great of a job you did!

And I want to thank you for working with the petty officer at the base chapel for us with such ease….it took a lot of stress off of myself and my mom!

My mother told me you took the time to light the candles and the votive candle for our wedding and I really appreciate that! It was so great to have help when you need it the most!

If any of my friends get married in the area I will definitely tell them to go to your website! I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Well, Stephan and I are off to Tahiti for a couple of weeks!

Thanks again! 

Tanner & Stephan

I would recommend you to anyone, and particularly to those who don’t want to be locked into the confines of a traditional religious ceremony.

Originally I thought it was a major flaw that you didn’t attend the rehearsal, but you have such experience at handling the ceremony, I have to agree that it turned out not to be necessary.

Ashley and Don C

“Oh my goodness” is a great way to start out when you are referring to Lance.

Having Lance as part of our wedding was one of the best decisions I made.

Now I am sure most people are hesitant when it comes to setting things up via the Internet, but rest assured Lance is top notch. By the end of the ceremony there was not a dry eye in the house.

Thank you Lance for making my day that much more special.

Devin and Corinne C.

I highly recommend Lance to any couple getting married.

Not only does he allows you to personalize your wedding ceremony as little or as much as you like, but he really makes the ceremony his own and puts a lot of feeling into it.

He is serious where he needs to be and humorous where he needs to be. Lance has an extremely calming effect on those around him and really makes the ceremony run smoothly. We had so many guest come to us afterwards and tell us how wonderful he was.

For us, letting us do our vows the way we were comfortable doing them was perfect. We loved having that flexibility. We also loved that our ceremony was serious where it needed to be, and fun where it needed to be.

Lance was really brilliant; we were happy we chose him and thrilled with the outcome.

Also, his calming nature really helped us keep it together!

Thank you!

Deanna and Mike C.

We adore Lance and we did from the moment we met him.

He is just one of the kindest, most decent people I know. He never questioned our wishes for the way we wanted our ceremony to be. Instead, he guided us through the process and made our wedding just about as perfect as I could’ve imagined it.

Lance is somebody who really loves people and obviously takes great joy in being a part of the joining of two lives.

We got many compliments from guests at our wedding on the ceremony and in particular Lance. He even officiated for another wedding in my family a year later.

He also went out of his way to meet us at the airport the next day on our way to the honeymoon because in my pre-wedding jitters, I had forgotten to bring the marriage license to the ceremony for him to sign.

The best part in our story is that we are still friends with him and his wife. You couldn’t ask for a better officiant if you are seeking personal, caring attention.

Thanks so much Lance!

Tim and Johanna S.

We liked the idea of meeting somewhere comfortable around food; it helps open people up and get them to talk a little about themselves. You took care of everything and allowing you be as traditional or creative as you wanted at the ceremony.

Your website is very thorough and a great tool to use for putting a ceremony together

We received many compliments about how the ceremony was just the right length, not “too stuffy” or “too serious”; and it was wonderful of you to go around and chat with the guests before the ceremony.

I really like how you stood close behind us during the vows so that it was almost undetectable that you were giving us the lines to repeat.

The wedding was perfect to us.

Lisa and Bruno L.

You made myself and my husband feel at ease before during and after the ceremony. You were very professional but not too stiff. That’s what we were looking for.

You handled the wedding party excellently as well, Making sure everyone new what was going on and what to do even in case of emergency!

Thank You!

Angela and Hector

Hi Lance!

I want to pow-wow with Tim in our response. You were so wonderful and I want to be sure our comments reflect all the great memories we have of our experience with you.

I want to ask you though – Tim and I recently found out we have been blessed with a baby who is due in late June! (I know, that was FAST!)

We have been talking about baptism and we were wondering if you perform them?

We both feel that the ceremony should be a thanksgiving of Life and a blessing of the baby – more uplifting than traditional ceremonies …. We immediately thought of you.



Lance is a wonderful officiant. He made our ceremony very personalized. I really liked the special features you could add to your ceremony (e.g. Shakespearian Sonnets, The Joining of the Children).

He took a genuine interest in making sure it included everything we wanted. He helps keep you focused and relaxed during the actual event.

He has a very nice demeanor and is very pleasant to be around. I would highly recommend Lance to any couple as their officiant.

[He’s] Flexible, sincere, professional, polished.

Kevin and Eileen H.

You made our ceremony fun, relaxed and full of laughter.

It was the most fun we had ever had.

Even the guests commented on how much fun they had at the ceremony.

Funmi and Shade

We would strongly recommend you and would tell people that you provide the right balance of seriousness and lightness

You know what to say and when and how to keep the ceremony serious and light at the same time.

Michael and Jayne
Lorton, VA

We hope you received the card and photo we sent you!

Thank you again for the absolutely beautiful ceremony you performed at our wedding!

Our wedding was perfect…As a wedding officiant, we feel your strengths come from within–you are very relaxed and personable, … and we can’t thank you enough for making it that way!

Christopher & Pama C.

Yes…I would definitely recommend [Lance] to anyone I know that might be getting married.

I felt that you were very professional and laid back at the same time. There was no time for stress and there was pure enjoyment.

Your personality also lightens up the event, especially what we were looking for in our ceremony. I also really liked that there was no formal rehearsal…

…I have to tell you, it was very funny…and nice. My co-worker just got married and I was walking by as she was showing pictures of her wedding and I said, “Oh, that’s Lance O.! he married us.”

Lisa and Rudy M.

I would recommend Lance because he is extremely welcoming and non judgmental regarding religion and inter faith marriages. He brings sense of humor into a the most important part of the day t break some of the tension which helped us relax and get through the vows.

He is very professional and had resources on hand in times of on the spot needs. We loved his idea of not running through the ceremony so the emotions of it on the day of will be as is comes – genuine. This made for a truly heartfelt ceremony for all.

He brings the audience into the ceremony so all is involved in blessing and representing the bride and groom. Lance made our day that much more special.

I believe that you have done this for some time and I can not see any any areas of improvements that need to be made.

Shamon and Felicia N.

I would definitely recommend you to others.

The main aspect that drew us to you is that you are very flexible with how you perform ceremonies. You are willing to work with the couple to find what works best for them.

You’re open to different ceremony structures which allows the couple to be as custom-oriented, traditional or original as they’d like.

We chose to write our own ceremony and vows and Lance did a great job. 

Lance’s strengths lie in his adaptability and openness. He is willing to work with you to make sure you get the ceremony that you’re looking for.

Kristal and Taylor R.

Lance was wonderful.

He listened to what we wanted, made helpful suggestions when we had questions, and ultimately performed the ceremony in a thoughtful manner, with a touch of humor.

Our guests commented that it was very nice, and they enjoyed both the reverence for the ceremony and the humor that personalized the event to us and our family and friends.

[You are] flexible, listen well, bring in humor and a personal touch.

Steve and Shawn

I would highly recommend Lance to officiate your ceremony.

No matter what your denomination, he finds a beautiful way of incorporating words or rituals together to form a beautiful ceremony that fits your personal needs.

As nervous as any couple would be on or before their wedding day, he put our nerves at ease, ready to answer any questions or concerns we had, as well as during the ceremony, with his calming nature.

I love this website. The information and links provided makes it much easier for busy couples to take care of the details of their ceremony. I also enjoyed seeing samples of ceremonies, as well as the custom ceremony options… having it all there at the click of a button is very convenient as well as calming.

I also loved the ceremony. You also kept the ceremony from being a stressful and nerve-racking event, but rather eased our nervousness with humor, and everyone loved it.

Kimmy and Chris G.

Lance is very personable, compassionate, and understanding, not to mention prompt, organized, and professional. He also has a great sense of humor and warmth. Our wedding ceremony was so beautiful and intimate thanks to him.

His strengths include addressing the guests and not just reading from a book, making the ceremony personalized and comfortable.

We were very happy to have met you. Would you like to do our son’s christening?

Heather and Michael R.

Lance administered a flawless ceremony that was sincere and light at the same time.

We feel certain that he could meet the needs of any couple regardless of the venue or size of the wedding. He conducted a traditional ceremony that that was completely in sync with with our faith and desires.

He presented a demeanor that gave comfort to the wedding couple, and his confidence in presentation gave us peace in knowing we had made the right choice in selecting him.

Confident, sincere, to the point.

Brian and Amy H.

Hello ,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you again for officiating over our lovely wedding ceremony. Everything turned out just the way we wanted and we couldn’t thank you more. You were very patient with us considering the ceremony did start 45min. late.

You were very professional and I felt at ease after briefly speaking with you before the start of the ceremony. I will definitely leave a positive comment to the where I initially found you.

I love the fact that we could tailor the ceremony specifically to the ceremony we wanted and readings. Thank you again and we will have a happily ever after thanks to your blessing.

Many thanks!

Joy B.

[Terry was responding to Michael as a result of a referral request],

Lance O. performed our wedding ceremony on January 15, 2005. He had the challenge of helping us combine the traditions of both our religions (Judaism and Christianity) into a meaningful and solemn ceremony.

My husband and I were drawn to Lance’s openness and down-to-earth demeanor. It helped ease our anxiety and allowed us to have frank discussions about the elements of the ceremony that were important to us.

In addition, my mother had health complications that made it impossible for her to attend the ceremony. In order to make her a part of the ceremony, we decided to phone my mom in via cellular phone so that she could hear my husband and me say our vows.

We called my mom at the beginning of the ceremony and Lance held the phone so that she would be able to hear everything clearly–without the fact that we were using a cellular phone becoming a focal point of the ceremony.

At one point the call dropped and my mother phoned back. Lance gracefully answered the phone and kept on going with the ceremony.

His flexibility and interjection of humor were what made our ceremony so wonderful. Both of our families, as well as our friends, have commented about how special and meaningful our ceremony was.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Teresa K. W.

My husband and I were just married in our home by Lance this past New Year’s Eve. During our interview with him (several months prior), he suggested a semi-traditional Christian ceremony to suit us and our very Christian families. It all sounded picture perfect.

However, two days before, we decided to do a very brief, if not somewhat fun ceremony. Lance was flexible in accommodating us, but at the same time he always maintained a professional presence (in the proper religious way). I’d say he found the perfect blend of words to satisfy us, and our guest’s expectations. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony, and they enjoyed meeting him.

I would recommend him to anyone for the following reasons: 1) he really listens to couples, 2) he will do what you ask of him, and 3) he is very reliable, even giving us “friendly reminders” when we needed to get back to him.

If there is anything else you’d like to know to help you make your decision, feel free to write back.

Karen and Ross R.